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National Operations Department and Border Policing Section

The head of the National Operations Department (Noa) is responsible for the processes of all operational activities of the Swedish Police Authority, which includes the main responsibility for border control in Sweden. The Boarder Policing Section is a subdivision of Noa that manages the processes and tasks related to boarder policing activities.

The national tasks of the Border Policing Section comprise:

  • Coordination and development of methods for border control
  • Providing best-practice regarding returns
  • Coordination of contacts with foreign embassies in Sweden
  • Legal matters
  • Risk analysis related matters
  • Statistics
  • Document expertise.

The Swedish National Forensic Centre (NFC)

The Swedish National Forensic Centre (NFC) is one of Europe’s leading forensic laboratories with cutting-edge expertise. NFC is an independent expert organization within the Swedish Police Authority with an overall responsibility for forensics. NFC’s main task is to conduct forensic investigations and analyzes on behalf of the judicial authorities. NFC’s mission is to integrate, consolidate and streamline the national forensic services to meet society’s need.

NFC comprises the national forensic laboratory in Linköping and three regional forensic laboratories in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. NFC is to:

  • conduct forensic examinations;
  • monitor and assess existing forensic methods;
  • undertake forensic trace evidence collection and analysis at events including chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear and explosive elements;
  • coordinate requests filed by the National Board of Forensic Medicine;
  • constitute the contact point for national authorities and international contacts within the forensic field;
  • conduct research and development within the forensic field, in close collaboration with the National Operations Department and the police regions;
  • be responsible for the processes of the forensic activities conducted outside the department. Process responsibility, meaning national responsibility for operational control, development and monitoring and for ensuring consistency.