PERSONA Publications:

PERSONA academic partners have produced a range of publications within project lifetime, in an effort to forward knowledge gained through the project work onto peers, PERSONA stakeholders, and the wider public.

PERSONA partner VUB (d.pia.lab) has published a series of policy briefs, two of which were created since project start. They go hand in hand with and form the basis of the integrated impact assessment method developed under PERSONA and can be accessed via the links given below and have also been added to our Literature Guide.

Two further publications focus more indirectly on the notion of impact assessment yet are very relevant in the context of PERSONA’s objectives. The first link below comprises a blog post addressing the subject of “proportionality” in regard to the GDPR and considering latest guidelines. The second link below consists of a paper which addresses the many challenges faced by technology researchers who endeavour to follow the principle of “ethics by design”, with a specific view on technology used for ID checking and at border crossings.

PERSONA Scientific Publications:

The links below point to papers and conference proceedings which connect to PERSONA in terms of knowledge transfer, as the authors have applied in their research the principles of “ethics by design” promoted by PERSONA as well as they are discussing the latest state of the art for the type of technology which can find application in seamless border crossing scenarios, and for which the IAM PERSONA has been created as assessment tool. In-depth knowledge of the latest developments in that field were necessary in order to recognise and address potentially arising issues appropriately. PERSONA wishes to highlight that no technology was developed under this project.

To be published soon: