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Kristoffer Liden (PRIO)

Kristoffer Lidén is a Senior researcher at PRIO and Coordinator of the PRIO Research Group on Law and Ethics. He holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Oslo, with a dissertation on the ethics of liberal peacebuilding and the philosophy of global governance. He has also studied Sociology, Anthropology, International Relations and an MA in Peace and Conflict Studies and coordinated the Research School on Peace and Conflict 2011-2017. His research and publications centre on the ethics of international affairs, with a focus on the fields of security, humanitarianism, peacebuilding and new technologies. Recent research includes the ethics of security technology, risk governance, extremism and the protection of civilians. Lidén has initiated, coordinated and worked on several EU funded projects, and is leading a Work Package on the Ethics, Law and Human rights in SOURCE: Virtual Centre of Excellence on Societal Security in Europe. He also coordinates a Research Group on Digital Matters in the Nordic Centre of Excellence on Security Technology and Societal Values (NordSTEVA) and is an active member of the Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies.