Slobodan Nedeljkovic (SMOI)

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Slobodan Nedeljkovic, Assistant Minister and Head of Sector for Analytics, Telecommunications and Information Technologies in the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia.

He graduated from the School of Electrical Engineering “Nikola Tesla” in Belgrade and the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering (University of Belgrade),where he graduated in 1999 in the field of Postand Telecommunications Traffic.In 2014, he graduated from High Security and Defense Studies at the National Defense School at the Military Academy. In 2015, he gained aSpecialist Degreeat the Criminal Police Academy, in the field of Executive Leadership in State Administration. He is currently at PhD Studies at the Department of Information Technology and Computing at University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies.

He is a member of numerous working groups: Development of e-government, Implementation of the national strategy for fight against corruption, Drafting of the MOI’s strategy, National coordinator for Horizon 2020 – in the field of information security. He’s also the president of the working group for the development and monitoring of the MOI’s Strategy of Information and Communication Technologies Development.