TRESSPASS (robusT Risk basEd Screening and alert System for PASSengers and luggage)

The overall scope of TRESSPASS is to modernize the way the security checks at border crossing points (BCPs) are held out. The old fashioned way “All passengers pass through all the required security checks” seems to have worked the old times when the traffic was low; but nowadays with the ever increasing traffic this practice seems to fade out. TRESSPASS imports the idea of “Risk based” security checks and proposes an analytic framework for modelling risk as well as a systematic approach of quantifying risk, based on a set of indicators that can accurately be measured across all four tiers of the Integrated Border Management. Once these indicators are accurately estimated from available data collected from background information, sensors and applications, the risk for each traveler is reliably calculated, based on the four-tier risk management approach introduced in TRESSPASS.