The PERSONA External Advisory Board (EAB) is an independent advisory body entrusted with two main tasks: (1) to help the PERSONA consortium to ensure the overall quality of the research carried out, and to (2) to guide the PERSONA consortium on ethical concerns arising from the project’s work. The Board achieves those goals by constantly monitoring the project’s activities and advising thereon.

The EAB comprises 10 members and it is composed of academics, airport operators, border security officials, activists of non-governmental organisations and ethics specialists. All members of the Board are leading experts in their respective fields, coming from several parts of the world.

The EAB responsibilities may be summarized as following:

  • To monitor the overall quality of the PERSONA project’s work;
  • To provide advice and feedback on PERSONA project’s work in connection with ethics, legal and otherwise regulatory requirements – including, in particular, privacy and personal data protection concerns – as well as other societal issues arising from the project’s work;
  • To alert the project coordinator and the consortium about any actual or potential ethical concerns arising from the project’s work;
  • To maintain confidentiality concerning all privileged information, especially state security, trade and commercial secrets, and personal data.

The members of the Board act in their own capacity, and they do not receive any remuneration for their work. The PERSONA consortium gratefully acknowledges their input received thus far.

The Board is managed by the partner CEL.